About Us

K&A Healthcare Services is nurse-founded and run. With our years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to deliver the home care you and your loved ones deserve.

All of our caregivers are bonded, insured, and subjected to a rigorous screening process, before ever being referred to you. At K&A Healthcare Services, we know how important the client-caregiver relationship is, so we always ensure that our caregivers are the right fit for each specific client.

Continuity in homecare is very important. That is why we are so committed to having the right fit from the beginning. It is vital your loved ones are treated with respect and consideration, regardless of their needs. We understand that many clients find the loss of independence to be very unsettling. Therefore, our caregivers assist them to the degree possible and never beyond their capacity. We feel this is significant to your loved one regaining her or his sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency.

We believe your loved one deserves to be treated with appreciation and admiration for their life experience.

Our Mission

K&A Healthcare Services introduces the best possible in-home caregivers from our well-trained and qualified staff to our clients. Your loved one will be served with compassion, dignity, and respect as we guide and support your loved one through difficult times.

We believe in creating a foundation of support for our clients by building a team consisting of family, the caregiver you choose, and all of K&A Healthcare Services. Together, we all work to maintain your loved one’s quality of life, every single day. It is our goal to keep your loved ones empowered in every way possible through our network of home care providers.

When you hire us, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have hired a highly committed team of healthcare professionals who pride themselves on their integrity and on their ability to offer the best service possible.